About me.

I’ve lived (and still live) in the Netherlands my entire life. I grew up in a small town in Noord-Brabant*. During my first years of school, I didn’t make lots of friends, so I always depended on three other girls. When at the end of primary school we all went to different secundary schools, I was terrified.

On my new school, I quickly made new friends, resulting in me being afraid to lose them if I told them my hobbies. See, nobody liked books, photography and movies like I did. I was afraid people would think I was weird, so I hid all of my hobbies.

Of course, I created some secret accounts, but I never really had the nerve to tell anyone that I had created them.

After five long years on secudary school I went to a highschool (which is the literal translation of the Dutch word. It’s actually the school you go to when you’re about 17 years old). There, I wasn’t afraid anymore and started to take pictures, let other people read my stories and post videos online.

I hope you guys aren’t afraid to express yourselves like I did all those years.

Feel free to ask me some questions if you want!

Your Lovendel.